DDD Scotland 2011 Open Discussion Sessions

There were 2 great discussions on the alternative track at DDD Scotland this morning, so many thanks to everyone who came.

Below, I’ve posted the two mindmaps we generated. They are in .mm format. I used FreeMind (open source) to generate them.

Professional Development

An open discussion about how developers can be professional inside the constraints of management or environment. Examples of questions for this discussion could be

  • What obstacles do developers feel they face in regards to adoption of technologies and techniques?
  • How have these been overcome?
  • How can productivity and morale be improved or maintained?

Professional Development Mind Map
Professional Development Mind Map (.mm format)”
View “Professional Development” Mind Map online with Mind42

Tidied version

Professional Development - Tidy Mind Map
Professional Development – Tidy Mind Map (.mm format)

Agile Is Dead

Based on a discussion at QCon around the 10th anniversary of Agile and whether or not “Agile” actually means anything anymore. This discussion opens the floor to delegates to chat about the current state of Agile in software development.

Agile is Dead Mind Map

Agile Is Dead Mind Map (.mm format)

View “Agile Is Dead” Mind Map online with Mind42.com

Tidied version

Agile is Dead - Tidy Mind Map

Agile Is Dead – Tidy Mind Map (.mm format)

[EDIT : 10/05/2011]

I’ve created tidier versions of the above mindmaps to try and capture the groupings discussed on the day, as well as the abstract for each session. I’ve also highlighted the starting point of each discussion to make it easier to see what was added over the course of the session. I will leave the raw mind maps too.

[EDIT : 11/05/2011]

I’ve found an online Mind Map viewer to help you explore. Added links to the unedited mind maps above and here:
View “Professional Development” Mind Map online with Mind42
View “Agile Is Dead” Mind Map online with Mind42.com

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  1. [...] Professional Development (Open Discussion) Mind Map. [...]

  2. In the professional Development (tidied) mind map one of the nodes says “Paul Graham”. Who is he and what is the significance?

  3. craignicol said

    Paul Graham is there because someone (can’t remember who, sorry) mentioned this essay :

    Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule

  4. Ah… Good essay – Thanks.

  5. craignicol said

    If anyone wants to read the BCS Code of Conduct, it’s here : http://www.bcs.org/category/6030

  6. craignicol said

    What “Programmer Anarchy” means on #dddscot Agile Is Dead MindMap – InfoQ: Leaner Programmer Anarchy http://t.co/RAO5EKO

  7. [...] a follow up to the DDD Scotland open discussion session on Professional Software Development, this hangout was held to discuss the changes and challenges 2 years on. I’ve included a few [...]

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