MonoTouch Error – Missing UIKit.h

From Ben Hall (via Google Reader) – Using Mono to write an iPhone app. Hopefully the first of many posts.

MonoTouch Error – Missing UIKit.h: “MonoTouch Error.pngIf you haven’t heard about MonoTouch, then you need to be on twitter. MonoTouch allows you to write iPhone applications using C#! It’s in early, private, beta at the moment but it is very cool with huge amounts of potential.

However, on my first attempt to compile an application I received the following error:

‘uikit.h no such file or directory’

UIKit.h is one of the iPhone SDK files. I knew I had the iPhone SDK installed, however it turns out I didn’t have the 3.0 SDK! After installing the latest version, the application compiled without a problem. A note of the future in-case you hit the same error.

UPDATE: Sorry about edits, I was playing around with MarsEdit and the formatting.

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