HTC Hero Update problems

Update: I managed to get the update working after a few teething problems. Would have been much nicer if the upgrade had told me about the disk space issue before the update or on the warning screen. I hope HTC and Google can fix that for future updates.

I’m repeating this information here in case anyone else gets this problem. This morning I received the Android 2.1 update for my HTC Hero.

The appeared to complete successfully, but left my phone on 1.5 Firmware. The install message appeared again and I asked it to try again. The screen stuck with a warning triangle on the installing update screen. Pressing the reboot buttons (phone + home + end call) gave me a menu, and the following error:

Finding update package...
Opening update package...
Verifying update package...
Installing update...
Copying files...
E:Error in checkspace
(Status 64768)
E:Failure at line 11:
run_program PACKAGE:checkspace -f /data 26214400 "" FOTAERRORMESSAGES

Installation aborted.

I was able to reboot from that menu, but I am still on 1.5. I will trying clearing space on my phone and see if I can upgrade then.

Update: A few minutes after rebooting, a message came up confirming it’s a disk size problem:

Upgrade Error !

Phone storage space is 21.79MB. Please reserve at least 25Mb.
Not enough memory in the phone. Please remove unused applications and files then try again

That’s fair enough, but the user experience of hanging on the warning screen could be improved – Maybe put the message there?

Update: Cleared 12Mb of GMail storage. Trying again…

Update: Looks like the htc hero update has taken – new htc logo with the “quietly brilliant” tagline has appeared 😀 I’ll describe my experience of the new OS in a later post – this one’s really about the update process. Unfortunately it reminds my of Linux updates around 10 years ago, but if Ubuntu and others can fix that, I’m sure Google and HTC can fix theirs.

Update: Looks like the update’s working. New unlock screen, new USB options (tethering from the notification menu 😀 ) and all the apps appear to be intact.

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