HTML5 Survey results

After my HTML5 talk, I issued a survey asking people about their expectations for HTML5. There were 11 responses, so I won’t make any claims for any statistical significance, but there were a few interesting results. I will leave the survey open, for anyone who wishes to spread the word, and I’ll post a follow up if I get an order of magnitude more responses.

I’ll step through each question in turn and discuss the results.

What features of HTML5 do you anticipate using the most?

New structural elements e.g. <section> <nav> 8 73%
Inlining of SVG and MathML 1 9%
New forms Input types (E-mail, Tel, date) 0 0%
Form validation 6 55%
Canvas drawing 1 9%
CSS Transforms 5 45%
Video / audio 4 36%
Content Handlers 1 9%
Geolocation (Where am I?) 5 45%
Microformats 1 9%
Javascript worker processes 4 36%
Javascript Cross site messaging 2 18%
Javascript undo 1 9%
Javascript drag and drop 1 9%
SQL offline storage 2 18%
Web storage (key/value pars) 2 18%
Offline application cache 0 0%
Web Sockets 2 18%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
What interests me most about this question is the features with the most hype : canvas, form input and offline cache, have the lowest projected take up, and the feature with the worst browser support : structural elements, is the one with most developer support. Of course, ie6 (via a javascript hack) and Google both support structural elements so all is not lost there.

Are you concerned about the costs or patents covering videos in the browser?

Yes 8 73%
No 3 27%
Only one response came in after Google’s WebM video codec was announced, and that was a no, so the HTML5 format war is playing on a lot of respondant’s minds. Maybe they all still remember the dark old days of GIF.

Which format do you anticipate using the most?

HTML5 4 36%
XHTML 0 0%
Mixture of both 6 55%
No one looking for an XHTML-exclusive output, so worries I’ve heard about the difficulties of producing XHTML content may not be a long term concern.

What platforms are you hoping to target?

iPhone 7 64%
Android 5 45%
Palm 1 9%
Other Smartphones 3 27%
Non-smartphone mobile devices 1 9%
Desktop 10 91%
iPad 2 18%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.

Desktop still has the most love out there, but lots of iPhone developers out there looking at HTML5 (I didn’t ask if this was as well as or instead of the app store), interesting to see the iPhone share completely outstrips its market share.

I’ll leave the rest of the analysis to you.

Sounds like I’ll be giving the HTML5 talk again for those of you who missed it. If anyone else wants to hear it, give me a shout and a bus fare and I’ll see what I can do.

UPDATE: Sorry, the chart URLs ended up pointing to the wrong site overnight. Not sure what happened there. Fixed now.


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