Visual Studio multi-line search and replace

A regular expression to find all files where <body> appears after <head> :


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Html5 (.1) : the language of the cloud?

I’m back in Scotland now, so I’ve posted up my updated presentation for Techmeetup and DDD Dublin. This presentation should work in Firefox 4 (and 3.5 up with html5 turned on in about:config) and will mostly work in Chrome, although you will need a microformat reader such as Tails Export for Firefox. If anyone can test this on Safari or can recommend a Chrome extension, please comment below and I’ll add it to my follow up post when the talk hits Channel 9.

For those of you in Dublin who want to see the video that refused to play during the session, here it is :

As before, I would like to acknowledge the following that I used in preparing my presentation:

I would also like to thank the organisers of Techmeetup and of DDD Dublin for all the hard work, particularly for DDD where the Irish audience were unfortunately thin. I hope all the attendees will spread the word for next year.

A few things I learnt from these two sessions :

  1. The smaller room and audience in Techmeetup were far more conducive to audience participation. The room in Dublin was a little intimidating, and a lot of the audience were strangers, which doesn’t happen much at Glasgow events these days.
  2. If you want to connect a widescreen netbook to a 4:3 projector, don’t expect it to know what to do. Set it up manually or spend 15 minutes with 2 screens that cannot sync and needing a reboot.
  3. Make sure your backup is compatible with at least one other machine (hint: Windows or Mac are more popular than Linux)
  4. If all else fails, make sure you have a video of the presentation to hand.