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DDD Scotland 2011 Voting and Teasers

DDD Scotland voting With voting now open for Developer Developer Developer Scotland 2011, I thought it was time to give everyone a teaser of the 3 talks I submitted to inspire you to vote for me 😉 – but be sure to vote for some of the other sessions too, there’s a great line-up and some tough competition for speakers places.

HTML5 for mobile

HTML5 Canvas : Card back
A simple HTML5 game in 1 hour. Covering real-world usage of canvas, CSS3, ECMAScript 5, and a few other goodies. I’m not going to say too much, except that the image here is rendered via canvas (which neatly, in Firefox, offers a “Save As…” png option in the context menu). This canvas works in Firefox, Chrome, Android and iPhone, and possibly others.

The talk will be given using Firefox, but participants will be able to follow along on their Androids and iPhones (well, it’s one way to get people off Twitter 😉 – @craignicol btw, if you hadn’t guessed)

If angle brackets or JavaScript scare you, this is not the talk you are looking for.

Genetic Algorithms

Lights Out
Want computers to solve problems themselves? Maybe find a solution to light out like the game on the left?

I’ll run through the theory and a bit of practice, using the game above as an example of how to encode a problem to be solved by a Genetic Algorithm.

There may be some C++ (yeah, I am old skool 😉 )



IronPython has been around for a little while as an official .Net language. Whilst many .Net developers are fleeing to Ruby on Rails, wouldn’t it be nice to program in a dynamic language using the libraries you already know? Wouldn’t you like to write the same program with much less code. And wouldn’t you like to see how a language where everything is dynamic really works?