Justice in Pakistan?

I’ve had an idea in my head for a while that I wanted to start
blogging about things a bit more political than my technical blog. Not
party political, because frankly, that bores me, but political in the
grander sense. Today I was having a discussion on Facebook about Osama
bin Laden, and whether killing can ever be a good thing. And I would
say that the question isn’t what is right, a question of if it is OK
in this circumstance, but not in that circumstance.

It is a question of justice and forgiveness. If justice and
forgiveness are to mean anything, then they, like the human rights
they are based on, must be universal. We cannot say “this person is
not worthy of justice” because then justice is hollow and becomes a
tool to control others by imposing values on others that you would not
follow yourself.

To demonise one man for his actions dehumanises both him and those who
oppose him. Simply calling him “evil” absolves you of responsibility
to hear his grievances. Not listening to the victim does not justify
the crime of murder. And for those who would say that he would not
give his victims compassion, I would ask why you choose his actions as
a guiding principle when you condemn those same actions in his hands?

Will this death undo all those who have died before? No. Will it stop
future terrorist attacks? Unfortunately not. Is celebrating death,
anyone’s death distasteful? Of course.

Do you want justice, revenge or compassion? What sort of person do you
really want to be?

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