Weekly Developers Hangout #2 : remote? working?

Yep, it’s not Scottish, and it’s the second one – I 1-indexed that one, boosh. A few technical problems – turns out microphones and headphones don’t work unless they’re turned on and enabled, and webcams don’t work if you don’t have one. So, the chat? Can you work on island whilst the rest of your … More Weekly Developers Hangout #2 : remote? working?

Weekly (Scottish?) Developers Google+ Hangout?

I had an idea for running a book club for Google+ Hangouts, but after David Christiansen turned up, it became a more interesting catch-up, covering HP selling off WebOS, and discussing zaproxy ( http://code.google.com/p/zaproxy/ ) penetration testing tool and JIRA agile project management tool ( http://sandbox.onjira.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa?os_username=jens&os_password=password ). Some good chat, but we were wondering if … More Weekly (Scottish?) Developers Google+ Hangout?