Weekly (Scottish?) Developers Google+ Hangout?

I had an idea for running a book club for Google+ Hangouts, but after David Christiansen turned up, it became a more interesting catch-up, covering HP selling off WebOS, and discussing zaproxy ( http://code.google.com/p/zaproxy/ ) penetration testing tool and JIRA agile project management tool ( http://sandbox.onjira.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa?os_username=jens&os_password=password ).

Some good chat, but we were wondering if other Scottish Developers would be interested in a weekly Friday lunchtime hangout to shoot the breeze on the tech stories, tools and blogs of the week.

If you’re not on Google+ and need an invite, give me a shout and I’ll email one back to you, or click here for an invite : http://goo.gl/P0p2b . If you are interested and on Google+ come and find me at https://plus.google.com/112347442728934313588 and jump on in next time. Web cams and mic optional (if you’re a fast typist), but you will need speakers to listen in.

If there’s more good info, I might even start a weekly blog on it, but we’ll see how much interest there is.

What do the rest of you think?


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