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Slides and Mind Maps for DunDDD

DunDDDAs promised, here’s the slides and mindmaps for the sessions I was involved in at DunDDD 2011. The Mind Maps were generated using FreeMind.

The Philosophy of Code

This talk was an experiment on my part, given the knowledge I’ve picked up from reading books and articles from some of the smartest people in the business and beyond, and I wanted to share some of that. As Gary Park noted, it still needs some polish, but I think there’s a good idea in there, so I hope to get another chance to present it in the future. The presentation itself is licensed under creative commons, but please pay attention to the photo attributions if you want to use them in your own work. I’ve also included a link to the original mind map which contains many more great quotes.

Google Docs : The Philosophy of Code

Mind42 : The Philosophy Of Code

Download The Philosophy Of Code Mindmap (.mm format)

Software Requirements

The original presentation was given by Craig Murphy (on Twitter as @CAMurphy) and is available here : Open Discussion on Software Requirements

The mind map generated from the discussion is reproduced below.

There was a good discussion of how requirements can have different levels of detail and how the methodology can shape the process and the documentation, as well as the change process. A bit of waterfall vs. agile, but each has their place.

Mind42 : Software Requirements

Download the Software Requirements Mindmap (.mm format)

How The Web Was Lost

This talk drifted a little, since we agreed fairly quickly that with the demise of Flash and Silverlight, and the rise of the web-powered desktop in Windows 8, the web has in fact won. +1 for open standards. But where does that leave the behemoths like Apple and Microsoft who have benefited the most from the traditional role of the desktop. Can they keep developers and users on their platforms, or will they be lost to cross-platform development?

Mind42 : How The Web Was Lost

Download How The Web Was Lost (.mm format)

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Just a quick post on my way back from DunDDD (slides and mind maps to follow)

It’s the first time I’ve been to a developer event in Dundee and I was impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment of the attendees, so I hope that’s a good sign that there will be another one next year. Aside from the 3 sessions I was leading, I also attended Gary Short’s mining Twitter talk and Colin Gemmel’s Ruby talk. Lots of good info in both so thanks to them, all the other speakers and organisers for another great event.

If you missed out on this one and are interested in more, check out for more events. A couple in Edinburgh in 2011, followed by more events in Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and Glasgow next year. Well worth following to keep up with the geek scene in Scotland.


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