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#DunDDD recruitment follow-up discussion

There’s an updated MindMap for the follow up discussion, looking at employee’s expectations, and the difference a manager can make. Thanks to everyone who turned up, if you’re interested in more, keep an eye out in the new year.

Recruitment in the IT industry with employee expectations follow-up
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#DunDDD Cross Country Coding slides and notes #xcc

Cross Country Coding Prezi Slides

Thanks to everyone who attended my Cross Country Coding talk at DunDDD. Hope the technology failure didn’t put you off too much. I really enjoyed the Q&A session afterwards, but according to the feedback, the talk was too short. I’ve got a few ideas following the discussion about coding across time zones. In particular, looking at non-real-time communication options such as wikis, twitter/, blogs, and the use of multiple stand-ups to handover between time zones. If anyone’s got any other ideas, let me know and I’ll see what I can incorporate into the next iteration.

If you want to present this yourself, you can grab a copy of the prezi here, and you’ll find the speaker notes on Google Docs available to copy.

If you do decide to use them, or you have any other comments or suggestions, please feel free to add a comment below or give me a shout on the usual channels.


#DunDDD follow up recruitment discussion Thursday 29th November : What should companies offer?

Many thanks to everyone who attended the #DunDDD open discussion on recruitment.

I would like to follow up the discussion we had about what interviewees should do with an online discussion about what employers should do. This will be held on Google+ on Thursday 29th at 7pm. See here for details and to sign up :

For those who couldn’t make it, the midmap is available here:

Recruitment in the IT industry Mindmapmind map: Recruitment in the IT industryMind Mapping – MindMeister.
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DunDDD : What do you think about recruitment in the IT industry?

I’ve been invited to run a group discussion on recruitment at DunDDD, and to kick off the thinking, I want to know what topics you want to discuss, either as a job hunter, or looking for staff. What do you think about interview techniques, probation periods and recruitment agencies? What, apart from salary, do you look for in your job? What do you think schools, universities and employers should be doing but aren’t?

Give me your thoughts below, or email me (via Gmail or a twitter pm) or bring your comments to Dundee at 9am Saturday. These sessions can be lively so make sure you have a coffee and get there early to get a seat.

If you can’t make it, I’ll put up some notes at some point next week.

Hope to see you all there.