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31st January – Developer’s Hangout : The Next Generation

EDIT : Had to correct the link. Sorry folks.

31st January – Developer’s Hangout : The Next Generation

In this month’s hangout, following the last fascinating discussion about recruitment, I want to look further back, into schools and universities and see what people think about the way programming is taught, and how to get the next generation as excited about software development as we are.

Let’s step further back. We’ve discussed recruitment last month, so this month, let’s talk about education. What should we, as people who live and breathe software development, do to encourage the next generation?

Is it up to schools, or is there something else we should be doing? Volunteering at the Maker’s Fayre? Or is everything just peachy the way things are, with programming an ever more expensive hobby, ever more divorced from using a real machine?

Is the Raspberry Pi a good move for teaching, bringing back the BBC Micro and the 8-bit days or is it irrelevant in the modern world of touchscreens and consumer technology?