Here’s an interview I did with Enigma People about software as art and inspiring the next generation.

Enigma People Solutions

There’s no question that software development is a highly technical skill, but there has been a lot of discussion over whether or not it’s a form of art. While there is no real definition of ‘art’, the creation of something out of nothing comes pretty close. That’s software, so in turn, is software art?

As we’re not software developers ourselves, we felt that we couldn’t give insights as valid as the ones we consistently like to provide you. So we found people who could!

This week Craig Nicol, technologist at Amor Group, gives us his thoughts on the matter.

craignicolFirst, tell us about your involvement within software development.

I am a Technologist at Amor Group, leading large, cross-site teams covering multiple disciplines and technologies and I also blog and have presented at a number of conferences both on specific technologies, but also on the theory and practice of software development.

What originally got you interested…

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