HTC One Mini vs One Mini 2

As a wee aside, and because my last post about an HTC phone was one of my most popular, I wanted to do a quick follow-up to my last post to talk about the phone.

I had an HTC One Mini that stopped responding. It was an ok phone but was often slow and occasionally crashed. When it finally died, within warranty, I sent it back to HTC for repair. I was told I’d get an update within 2 weeks, and on the 14th day after it arrived at the repair centre, I was told they had to send off for a new part.

2 weeks after that, I found out the new part was an HTC One Mini 2, which is one of the stupidest names for a phone I’ve come across. At least the Hero, Desire and Incredible made some kind of aspirational sense.

Having lived with this new phone for a few months now, I do prefer it to the previous phone, but I can’t recommend it.

It’s faster, runs cooler, and lasts longer than the phone it replaces, but the camera is very very bad. That was one thing the previous phone got very right : a responsive camera, that took reasonable pictures. This one is not an UltraPixel camera so the pictures are grainy, the shutter speed is only good for completely stationary objects, and the pictures take far longer to save than they ever did on any previous phone, even when they were saving to cheap sd cards.

More than that however, in fixing the crashes, the software updates have left the phone in a state where it constantly needs rebooted (often via the power+volume-up combo) as the lag time gets intolerable.

I’ve now had 4 HTC phones, and this one will definitely be my last. I’m not sure where to go next though. Maybe LG, maybe Motorola, possibly Sony.

Any recommendations?

4 replies on “HTC One Mini vs One Mini 2”

I think the full fat One is probably too big, which is why I went for the mini. I like a one handed phone. That’s why Sony is on the list, the only small phones with flagship chips inside.


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