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Agile Is…'re a dinosaurIf you’re not agile…

For those of you who came to this blog for my rant on Agile Is Dead, I’d like to recommend these posts from Nathan Gloyn if you want something more actionable.

I can’t say my day job is all agile, but I try and nudge us down the continuum where I can. Process is all about supporting people, rather than vice versa, but documentation it’s one area that’s harder to go agile with. All my recent projects have a set of must have requirements defined as legislation by politicians in parliament, and it is often clear that implementation is not a primary concern. Legislation appears designed for ambiguity, with the expectation that courts or ministers will be able to clarify the grey areas. Which means more documentation.

Only one project I have worked on recently allowed us to have some influence on the legislation, because we were working directly with the government department involved, and the chief civil servants involved in the legislation were in our workshops, and the project started before the legislation was complete. It’s a strange, and not entirely unpleasant, feeling getting answers to outstanding questions from a politician reading amendments in parliament.

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