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The tickets for CodeCraftConf are now on sale. It’s based around the idea of full participation, where every attendee is there to discuss the topics. The format is of guided conversations, which has worked well for sessions in the past, and I’ve included a list of some of my previous sessions using a similar format below for reference. I’ve used the mindmap format for sessions I’ve done in the past so that there is a solid summary that attendees can refer to if they wish, but I have also been involved in sessions at other conferences that were deliberately transient in order to foster honesty and controlled venting, more like a support group for frustrated developers.

I am looking to guide a session at the conference and will be talking to the organisers about the topics,. If you look at the list below, and the conditions on the conference site, it should be clear that this will be a philosophy of code conference rather than a discussion of all the hot technology you don’t know about yet, but really should. (and number 5 will change your life forever).

I realise that holding the conference in a pub, even one as good as Drygate, will challenge the training budgets of some companies, but it looks like a great concept, and I hope the conference takes off. Many thanks to Joe and Gary for bringing this together, and I look forward to meeting everyone there.

What you missed at DDDs

My previous chaired discussion sessions, with mindmaps for reference.

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