Whois Craig Nicol

Head and shouldersSince I took the John Sonmez blogging course, and started posting more regularly, I’ve noticed I’ve got a few more followers, so I’ve decided to join the WordPress blogging 101 course to make sure I’m keeping up the momentum and to try and avoid any common mistakes I might have made in the past.

Today’s topic is to introduce myself, which I hope is useful for those new readers, but it’s also a chance for me to focus on what I want to post about on this blog.

About Me

I’m paid to solve problems, usually in code, and usually in c#, with a bit of sql. I work mainly with websites currently but have prior experience with mobile and desktop development, covering JavaScript, C++, Java, Python, MATLAB and the gnu software suite to solve previous real world problems.

Solving problems is the part of the job that gets me up on the morning and keeps me motivated, but the problems that most interest me are the ones where we solve for the user. We don’t always get it right first time, because users often change their mind once they see working software, so part of what interests me is how we respond and improve.

I am a technical lead, so I am also interested in how to build and run a team.

Technology Choices

I tend to work mainly in C#, but you will find my blogging about a variety of technology topics, to see how well technologies and products out there solve the same type of problems I’m dealing with day-today. I’m looking for inspiration and warnings, and I’m sharing this blog publicly, both to help others think about problems this way, but also to get your input, so you’ll often find I finish a post with a question. That’s your cue to jump in.

Expect to hear about Node.js, XML, Big Data, User Experience, Web testing, HTML5 and beyond, security, debugging, requirements capture, Visual Studio, Yak Shaving, dynamic languages, managing geographically displaced teams, C#, Cloud development, agile, and other related topics.

Where Do You See Yourself?

Both the John Sonmez course and the Blogging 101 ask where I want this blog to go, and where I see myself next year. I want to present some of these thoughts at a conference, so consider these posts a first draft. I also what to get better at understanding the problems I’m solving, and how to continually improve my approach to them. I also hope I can engage with the wider community, by finding more blogs to read, more technologies to comment on, and keeping a wider pulse on the technology landscape.

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