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Dear Developer,

happy sliced bread
A happy team is a productive team, the best team since…

You want to work on my team, or me to work on yours? This is what you should know.

Don’t follow me blindly. It’s ok to disagree with me. In fact, I won’t trust you if you just accept everything without question. But you must disagree with respect. Bring numbers, bring frustrations, but leave religious warfare and personal attacks out of it. If that’s what you need to carry your argument, your argument is lost.

Accept decisions gracefully. Once a decision is made, let it settle before bringing it up again. I know you prefer K&R style, but the rest of the team don’t. Deal with it.

Know your craft. Practice it, argue it, read, watch, improve. If you’re waiting 10 minutes for a green build, read a blog post. Embrace knowledge, it is your best weapon in software development.

Make time work for you. Some days you’ll eat the bear, others the bear will eat you. Bank the good days, bite off more than expected and use them to get ahead. You’ll thank yourself for it on the bad days.

Support the team. I know it’s rubbish that you’re the only one who knows the reporting solution. If I have the power, I’ll help you share that knowledge, but you have to give it gracefully. Support others to learn and you will no longer be alone.

Remember life in your work life balance. Office hours are there for a reason. Respect them. There will be occasional evenings and weekends, but they should be compensated by time off or similar. Use that time not to think about work so you can think about the problems fresh. Use the time to connect with friends and family and remind yourself that this job is about people as much as it is computers. Don’t burn out.

Be the change you want to see in the team.

Above all, respect yourself, respect the team, and respect the customer. If you do that, you can be proud of what you produce.

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