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Dear manager


Good equipment is not a luxury. Bad equipment costs you money.

Training is not a luxury. You don’t want untrained developers. Either you train us and show us we have a future or don’t train us and we leave to get trained, or worse, we stay.

Management is not always a promotion. Let good developers code, and give them a career path that gives them that option.

Not everything we do is visible. Refactoring is important but hidden. Foundations matter, and so does maintenance. If you ban maintenance, you’ll see costs creeping in as everything takes longer.

We need space, and quiet. Read Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams
and read the research on open plan offices.

Be wary of cutting costs unless you understand the benefits. Sure it’s cheaper to rent office space outside the city centre, but the talented people you rely on might prefer to commute by train. Sure that new laptop costs an extra £1000, but it’ll save developers £750 a year because it’s faster.

We want this released as much as you do. Artificial deadlines don’t help and put pressure on to avoid essential maintenance.

We expect you to have our back. We’ll feed you the unvarnished truth, including justification, so long as you don’t use it against us.

Respect the team. If you treat us as interchangeable resources, we’ll treat you as unnecessary overhead. If you treat us with respect, you’ll have a much quieter life.

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