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Software is not a fixed point in time

That’s why business struggles with agile. It wants to freeze software and treat it like a building rather than a support tool for a process.

It’s also why business has to spend a long time “evaluating” new operating systems, browsers, devices,… because change is not built in to how many businesses do business.

Businesses don’t trust change, for very good reasons. Change is expensive, it involves retraining, replacing, and dealing with sunk costs. Change means managing communications, managing staff and making the infrastructure to support old and new. It’s painful and no-one wants to go through it again. So it gets put off, and it’s even more painful next time.

It’s frustrating watching customers who adjust their process to work around the software rather than fixing the software, and freeing staff up for all the nice to have things they moan about. If they’re working around your software, it’s likely they don’t know what it does, and it’s magic, or they know what it does and they don’t like it (which makes it tricky to enforce ethics by software alone).

You look at software and see the Palace of Versailles, we look at it and see the Winchester Mystery House. We see dead ends, unsafe structures, secret passages, and we want to fix it, to make it easier for you. So take a look at your workarounds and the creaky floorboards, knock down a wall or two, build an extension, and invest in something that will make it a pleasure to live with everyday rather than just living with the pain.

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