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Reducing waste by timeboxing

Sometimes we have a task to do, but distractions get in the way. We know we can’t multitask, and we want to be available, especially if you are in a leadership role.

But sometimes you just need to get something done.

Don’t be afraid to block out 30 minutes or half a day to focus. Put it in your calendar so everyone can see, and go somewhere private where you won’t get interrupted unless it’s an emergency. Work outside the office if you have to.

And limit your time. If you know you only have an hour (or 2 pomodoros) to finish something, you will be focused on it for that time. But pomodoros are good to remind you to take a break, re-energise and get back in the flow (but not Flowstate – I like the idea of an app that keeps you focused Mission Impossible style, but a lot of the writing I do needs a lot of thinking too).

Be clear about what you’re doing so that your team feels they have the space to do it when they need to.

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