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DDD Scotland: your API sucks

ddds-unicorn-side-284-086I’ve had a talk accepted for DDD Scotland, so many thanks to those who voted for me. I’ve got a few tales of APIs (particularly, but not exclusively Web based) that made my life as a developer harder that it should have been. Whether it’s Security, bad versioning, incoherent naming, or JavaScript’s Date object (zero indexed months? Seriously?), there’s a lot of bad decisions made in interfaces for other developers.

I suspect that a few of you have stories of woe with APIs to work with, and I’d be interested to hear any you may wish to share, to make sure that the suggestions I’m presenting are universal, and not just pain points that I’ve had.

So, now’s your chance to get cathartic over those libraries, Web services, OSes and other APIs that have ruined your day. What API makes you wish you’d chosen a career as a baker?

PS remember that developers are your users, and they want your data, or your service, not your API. Strive to make developers forget your interface.

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