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Your API sucks : verbosity

The more complicated your API, the easier it is for developers to make a mistake. Make it easy to do the right thing. If you have to create an order before submitting it, make the order itself the required context for submission. In a library, make Submit() a method on the class. In a RESTful web service, make the submission POST against the URI of the order you are submitting.

Limit user options. Choose sensible defaults that can be overridden if, and only if, requested. Think about sending an email. By default it’s not important, there’s no BCC, the reply-to address is your address. You don’t have to think about them unless you need them.

Compare that to the C++ Win32 API, which is partly a C++ problem, and partly a Windows problem. Look at the prerequisites you need to follow, look at how many NULL arguments there are, look at how much error checking is required.

Walkthrough: Creating Windows Desktop Applications (C++)

And then compare it with the Python TkInter Hello World example, which leans on a lot of defaults, and packages up most of the prerequisites inside the API.

Python TkInter – A Simple Hello World Program

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