What is an agile developer?

A developer who practices continuous improvement, with or without the support of an agile team.

You care about being better. You consider code to be craft. You’re only happy when you deliver value, so you want to deliver value more often. You set yourself a high bar, and always try to raise it. You want to learn. 

You accept your mistakes and move on. 

What does an agile developer mean to you? 

For those of you coming to CodeCraftConf, I’ll see you on Friday. 

5 replies on “What is an agile developer?”

There can be many answers to the question as phrased. “A developer who is physically flexible through the practice of Yoga” would be technically an “agile developer”, but clearly not what the question was intending to ask….

If one is going to talk about an Agile (note the capitalization) then examining the person in terms of the 4 value comparisons and 12 principles of the Manifesto is my preferred method as it is unambiguous.

The result is that “continuous improvement” as an answer is necessary but not sufficient.

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I agree with you regarding the term “continuous improvement” but as a generic value for all developers. However, if I had to give a definition what is an Agile Developer I would put it differently.

My opinion is that Agile Developer is the one who would rather be doing Agile than being Agile. By “doing” agile, I mean that the code must be agile in a sense that we need to design a system that not only meets all current requirements from the business but all future requirements as well.

(of course if both code and developer are agile then we have the best practice)

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