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ScotSoft2016 Developer’s Conference

Normally after attending a conference, I will give a review of the talks, the interesting topics and the event itself. Unfortunately I don’t feel I can do that for ScotSoft2016. Despite being billed as a “Developer conference”, it felt like a technical event for non-developers. Enough of an overview to start to explore, but not quite enough to satisfy technical appetites. There were some good talks, but it didn’t feel like a Developer’s conference.

That said however, I did enjoy the keynote speakers, Sam Ramji of CloudFoundry and Troy Hunt of Have I Been Pwned. And there was some great advice from Asko Seeba about how to avoid writing next year’s unmaintainable legacy code by picking the right frameworks and technologies. I’m also told I missed a great pre-Halloween scare from 7Elements’ David Stubley about how insecure your web application is (although I wasn’t sure if he was wearing a hoodie and writing green text).

There was some useful information, and despite being a long day, it never felt like it. I can’t fault the venue, or the expo, and the speakers were all practiced and delivered their information well, but only a couple really hit the mark, sparking off ideas for me to go and explore.

I heard good things about the Global Forum and evening events in the conference. ScotlandIS is certainly creating the right framework for a good conference, so I’ll definitely keep it on my radar for next year and hope they figure out exactly who their audience are..

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