A task/story is not a feature

Agile is easy. Take the requirements, break them down into tasks, schedule them, do them, review them, test them, ship them.

And then you realise, as many on the agile journey do, that your “spreadsheet import” task is too big. It doesn’t get finished in the same timescale as other tasks, so it sits on its own branch, drifting from the mainline, or it holds up the release until it’s done-done-done.

  • As a user
  • I want to import spreadsheets
  • So I can use data created by other programs

Break it down. Make each task count. The feature fractures into tasks, micro-features, one for reading each format you want to support; one to deal with classes of bad data, those mismatched quotes and uneven lines, one for paging to deal with larger spreadsheets.

Just as we have to break down each interaction into multiple facets, and multiple services, to create the smoothest possible user experience, so we break down each feature into componentized tasks to let us integrate more often, review more often, release more often, and provide the smoothest possible developer experience.

If your process doesn’t flow, fix it, smooth it, deconstruct it.

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