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Jettison sandbags to focus on your goal

wp-1450118468278.jpgWhether your deadline is near or far, there will always be things on your team list that you don’t need to do. It’s tempting to take ownership of everything, all the servers, all the code, all the admin. As a team of top developers, you could also write a better timesheet management software than the one you’re stuck with.

But should you?

Does it help you with your mission? Does it provide business value? Can you do it better and cheaper than what you can buy in? Do you have a unique circumstance that means you can’t just style an off the shelve solution? Really, are you that unique? Do you want to support it once it’s released?

More important than any plan is a strong purpose, a goal. Something small that everyone understands so that any task can be quickly evaluated against it. If the task doesn’t fit the goal, it’s irrelevant, ditch it. It’s baggage. Even if it’s an existing system.

What’s your team’s purpose? Or at least your 12 month goal?

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