How to run a stand-up meeting

  • These tend to run smoother face-to-face (or video-to-video) since part of their benefit is ensuring everyone is working as a team.
  • Run them at the same time every morning so that they become a heartbeat of the project
  • Keep it short
    • If it takes longer than 10 minutes, take discussions out of the meeting
    • If there’s too many people for the time, split up the team
  • Format is very important, everyone should say the following:
    • What they achieved yesterday
    • What they plan to do today
    • Any blockers or impediments to their progress
    • (Other formats are acceptable, so long as it is agreed and followed)
  • As the team lead, use your achieved and plan time to provide feedback on any outstanding or resolved blockers.

3 thoughts on “How to run a stand-up meeting

  1. One needs to be very careful on the “FRomat”….

    I accomplished “Ticket #1245”
    I plan on “Ticket #1302” today
    I am impeded by “Incident #204”

    Is completely useless. In addition, when such systems are in place, then all of the team members should already have this information (to the degree it is relevant) before entering the meeting….

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  2. Yeah. I’ve worked places where the systems made it easy to check (Trello boards are great for this), and places where it was hard. Of course people should have the context in advance, but if people re-iterate they sometimes glean more information. Like anything Agile however, I’d recommend experimenting with the format. Even if it’s just to take advantage of the Westinghouse Effect.


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