AI and I

My degree was in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Unfortunately, AI was a tough field to get a job in when I graduated, so I concentrated on the Computer Science part in the main. However, AI still fascinates me, and a lot of the “Big Data” movement is actually appropriating techniques from AI to filter … More AI and I

The UX of Big Data

Following on from my Dangers of Big Data talk at DunDDD, I’ve been thinking about what a good user experience for data analytics would look like, imagining the business user presented with useful, actionable information rather than notepad and a copy of the R or Python cookbook. I want something deceptively simple like the Google … More The UX of Big Data

Genetic Algorithms

I wanted to post a new blog here via Flock, but Flock and Blogger won’t play together 😦 this post is also available here. I had a great time at the Tech MeetUp (@techmeetup) in Glasgow this week. If you want to meet up with other tech minded folk in Scotland, it’s definitely worth checking … More Genetic Algorithms