De-pluralisation: strategic blinkers

The process of de-pluralisation takes all your existing problems and combines them into one simple manageable problem: “it’s JavaScript”, “it’s Windows”, “it’s the CDO” with a simple manageable solution “kill it”. Like all simple solutions it’s almost always wrong. “People aren’t complying with our data quality. Users keep putting in wrong email addresses.” “The new … More De-pluralisation: strategic blinkers

I don’t trust change

I don’t trust change. I know change is what we do, it’s why people need new software to do things they couldn’t do before, to sweep away the cobwebs and start everything anew. To change. For the better. The better what? Faster, more efficient, more user friendly. “Just better”. “An improvement”. “The new shiny”. “Make … More I don’t trust change


I’ve been thinking about productivity a lot recently, s you may have seen if you’ve been following me on Twitter. It strikes me though that the most important thing that generalises a lot of the tips is this: Avoid multitasking. Humans are notoriously bad at multitasking (and not just men, for those women sniggering smugly … More Productivity

Rabbit Hole Code

In an attempt to steer my referrer logs away from the HTC Hero, I wanted to get back to something I mentioned on Twitter a while back. I want to talk about rabbit holes in your code. After a while, all code will have at least one rabbit hole in it. You know you’ve found … More Rabbit Hole Code

take a good, hard look at your first revision and just say to yourself, "gloves."

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve stumbled upon the coffee-room solution to a big problem. I’m sure most people recognise the feeling. You’re sitting at the computer with a big problem staring you in the face, and you’ve been battling it for a couple of hours trying to find a solution. Then … More take a good, hard look at your first revision and just say to yourself, "gloves."