Self-testing configuration – the example.config story

We’re all good developers and never store production secrets in our source code. We have to keep them somewhere though. If you’re an ASP.Net developer and you store your secrets in a separate file, how do you check them on release? In a previous job, we were building an application in AWS EC2, which meant we … More Self-testing configuration – the example.config story

Naming things is hard – Microsoft’s Core problem

There are 2 hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-1 errors. Microsoft are changing the name of the next iteration of .Net – what was .Net 5.0 is now .Net Core 1.0, and like Rick Strahl, I like the idea, but I’m not find of the timing. Although, as it’s … More Naming things is hard – Microsoft’s Core problem