NMandelbrot : running arbitrary code on client

As part of my grand plan for map-reduce in JavaScript and zero-install distributed computing, I had to think about how to gain user trust in a security context where we don’t trust the server. I couldn’t come up with a good answer. Since then, we’ve seen stories of malicious JavaScript installed to mine cryptocurrencies , we … More NMandelbrot : running arbitrary code on client

Thoughts on Node.js

In my post about developing in the cloud, I started promising a few nuggets about the project I was working on, and following my diversion onto talks and security, I’m ready to start discussing it again. The project itself is fairly straightforward. It was an excuse for me to try a realistic project in Node.js … More Thoughts on Node.js

The 4th rule of network security: don’t trust encryption

Following my 3 rules of network security post, I’ve been thinking a lot more about the NSA aspect, and the fact that even if you have managed trust on the client, the server and the network, there’s still another concern, because the number one way of building trust, of saying that machine is who it … More The 4th rule of network security: don’t trust encryption

The Mandelbrot Set

I think every pragmatic programmer or aspiring code guru needs a core programming challenge that they return to whenever they want to try something new, like signature tune a guitarist will play on every new guitar to see how it fits their style. My favourite pattern is The Mandelbrot Set because it’s a nice way … More The Mandelbrot Set