Your API sucks : foolish inconsistency

There are many ways that an API can be inconsistent. Different methods can follow different conventions, one method may have different results, or maybe a change introduces inconsistency between versions. Spatial Inconsistency When calling 2 different methods in what appear to be related domains require 2 very different calls and get 2 very different results. … More Your API sucks : foolish inconsistency

Your API sucks : security

Pop quiz time. You are given the following example URL to GET as an example of making a payment from your application. How many things here would make you back away slowly before setting the server farm on fire? So you complain it’s unsecured and they come back with an upgrade, so you need … More Your API sucks : security

User Experience Matters : Pecha Kucha at TechMeetup Glasgow

Thanks to all of you who came to TechMeetup Glasgow, hope to see you next time in Edinburgh or at Open Rights Group in Glasgow (also on Google+). The Pecha Kucha is an interesting challenge, and this was my first one, so any advice on how to improve is greatly appreciated. The slides (including the … More User Experience Matters : Pecha Kucha at TechMeetup Glasgow