It’s not working

Any good developer or system administrator is largely invisible, working behind the scenes, quietly delivering value without fanfare or ceremony. If you get noticed, chances are that something went wrong. You need a particularly special mindset to survive in such an environment. You have to be self motivated and strive for quality in yourself. There … More It’s not working

Software is not a fixed point in time

That’s why business struggles with agile. It wants to freeze software and treat it like a building rather than a support tool for a process. It’s also why business has to spend a long time “evaluating” new operating systems, browsers, devices,… because change is not built in to how many businesses do business. Businesses don’t … More Software is not a fixed point in time

Enforcing ethics

I was reading IOT: Code of Ethics for Software Developers and Engineers – Secret Microsoft Communications – Site Home – MSDN Blogs today and it got me thinking about the Botnet of Things, but more importantly, about ethics in Professional Development, as covered in the DunDDD open discussions. The MSDN blog covers an ethical scenario … More Enforcing ethics

Step out of the shadow cast down by your ego

Don’t define yourself by your job. You are a fascinating unique intersection of many identities, including your job and your vocation, but even when these align, you are much more. You have friends and family. You have friends outside work but in your vocation who are a great sounding board.¬†Use them to explore the market. … More Step out of the shadow cast down by your ego