As a team lead …

As a team lead you need to know your team. You need to understand people. You don’t need to second guess them, you don’t need to micromanage them, but know what motivates them. Know what they need to perform at their best. What tools do they covet? What routines matter? Do they need precision? Do … More As a team lead …


If you want a strong team of developers, give them autonomy. But what if they don’t want to take it? The ones in, or from, the big corporations who just won’t take the initiative? The ones who just want to be told what to do? I’ve said before that those are the waterfall people. The … More Naughtonomy

More about code reviews

Many thanks to @peitor for engaging with the last code review post, particularly his comments there, which I recommend reading, and his tweet: @craignicol @yochum Additional to what CodeReviews are for: team building and finding alternative solutions. — Peter Gfader (@peitor) October 1, 2015 I want to explore a few of his thoughts a bit … More More about code reviews

On respect

Firstly, an apology to my regular readers on the delay to this post.  I’ve had a very busy couple of weeks personally, squeezing out the time I have available to blog. Hopefully things will be back to normal next week. As a coda to my 3 Dear… Blog posts, I wanted to discuss respect. Dear … More On respect

Dear manager

Good equipment is not a luxury. Bad equipment costs you money. Training is not a luxury. You don’t want untrained developers. Either you train us and show us we have a future or don’t train us and we leave to get trained, or worse, we stay. Management is not always a promotion. Let good developers … More Dear manager