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The future of Google

Google plus you, personal search. Interesting idea, but I’m already seeing it making a difference, even for people without a Google+ account – and that’s why it’ll be big.

I’ve been playing about with the Kinect SDK with a mate, and now that we’ve got things up and running, we want to do things properly, so we went to grab a copy of NUnit so we can unit test the gesture recognition code (I’ll have another blog on that if there’s interest). So, he searches for NUnit on his machine, and the first result is, as expected. What I didn’t expect, because he doesn’t have a Google+ account, is that my name (and appeared next to the result, because of this blog post :

So, the social data is need into the algorithm already, using my Google+ profile to link my to WordPress and his contacts to link him to me.

And that’s something Google has needed for a long time – search that tells me what my friends know, because if they’ve bookmarked Putty, I’ll know I’m downloading from the right site.


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