Scheduling Posts

Note : Family is important, so after this schedule, I’ll be taking a break until the new year. I had a few problems with this bug in the WordPress Android client, but I’ve really come to find the ability to schedule posts for the future valuable. Although I always try to post at lunchtimes, I … More Scheduling Posts

It’s not working

Any good developer or system administrator is largely invisible, working behind the scenes, quietly delivering value without fanfare or ceremony. If you get noticed, chances are that something went wrong. You need a particularly special mindset to survive in such an environment. You have to be self motivated and strive for quality in yourself. There … More It’s not working

Something or Nothing

“We must do something” “How about we paint this elephant pink and let it rampage through the nursery?” “Well, it’s better than nothing, I suppose” No, no, no, no There’s a limit to what you can do. If you don’t know your next step, step away from the keyboard, grab a coffee, or a whiteboard, … More Something or Nothing