Unsuccessful Teams

Game Outcomes In a previous post, I looked at how to create successful teams, and looked at the Game Outcomes project as a useful formulation. Some of these points are about avoiding negatives and that’s what I want to focus on here. The most important indicators for success from the Game Outcomes project are: Great … More Unsuccessful Teams

Successful teams

Successful teams deliver successful projects. As a lead, how do you build a successful team? There are many factors to build a successful team, but the foundation of them all is safety. Can problems be discussed openly? Does everyone trust everyone else? And once you have that, the team can build. Build diversity, build towards … More Successful teams

Your API Sucks – The ‘default’ API : REST and repeat

I’ve recently got a Fitbit, and I use the website for logging food. I noticed something about the URL scheme that I’ve seen elsewhere and it made me think about how to design default points in URL schemes. On Fitbit, ‘/foods/log’ opens the page for today’s food, and there are controls to navigate to yesterday … More Your API Sucks – The ‘default’ API : REST and repeat

This is raw

This is raw chicken : 🐤 If you eat it like that, you may get hurt immediately, by its beak, or its claws. It may grab your money and run off with it. If you want to eat it, better to kill it first. 💀 If you eat it like that, you may get hurt … More This is raw