Event Horizon : When sharpening the code means missing bug zero.

A great programmer sees software as a craft, honing a perfect solution from a sea of binary logic. Good software is beautiful outside and in, and even on a large scale is simple enough that there are no obvious bugs. They produce software that is precise and clean down to the last detail, continually improving … More Event Horizon : When sharpening the code means missing bug zero.

The importance of language: acknowledgements 

There’s a few little things that sneak in to conversations and emails that you probably don’t realise you’re doing, until someone points them out to you. No problem VS You’re welcome Darlene Price has a great list of phrases you should never say at work. One that really stuck with me was replying to “thanks”, … More The importance of language: acknowledgements 

Something or Nothing

“We must do something” “How about we paint this elephant pink and let it rampage through the nursery?” “Well, it’s better than nothing, I suppose” No, no, no, no There’s a limit to what you can do. If you don’t know your next step, step away from the keyboard, grab a coffee, or a whiteboard, … More Something or Nothing

Software is not a fixed point in time

That’s why business struggles with agile. It wants to freeze software and treat it like a building rather than a support tool for a process. It’s also why business has to spend a long time “evaluating” new operating systems, browsers, devices,… because change is not built in to how many businesses do business. Businesses don’t … More Software is not a fixed point in time

More about code reviews

Many thanks to @peitor for engaging with the last code review post, particularly his comments there, which I recommend reading, and his tweet: @craignicol @yochum Additional to what CodeReviews are for: team building and finding alternative solutions. — Peter Gfader (@peitor) October 1, 2015 I want to explore a few of his thoughts a bit … More More about code reviews

On respect

Firstly, an apology to my regular readers on the delay to this post.  I’ve had a very busy couple of weeks personally, squeezing out the time I have available to blog. Hopefully things will be back to normal next week. As a coda to my 3 Dear… Blog posts, I wanted to discuss respect. Dear … More On respect