Inflection points

An inflection point comes where there is a dramatic change in direction. In a typical business or software process, this is the fulcrum around which the rest of the process rotates. They’re often easy to spot by looking at the before and after. For a typical shopping scenario, the inflection point is the buy now … More Inflection points

Thinking in Code

What is coding? The practice of breaking down big problems into very small problems. Turning everything into logic : recipes and decisions. Taking the fuzziness and ambiguity of the world and human language and turning it into something definitive and concrete, something that can be reasoned about. And then you start to notice things about … More Thinking in Code

DRM and plastic knifes

I thought Digital Rights Management was dying when iTunes no longer required it. I was wrong. It’s sneaking into HTML, it’s in coffee machines, it’s being discussed for JPEG, it’s led to the introduction of boot lockers to prevent users from modifying the operating system on their machine. So what? Surely copyright holders have the … More DRM and plastic knifes