Bad change : re-opened tickets and the neverending change

One reason I don’t trust change is when that change has no defined end goal. When a change is requested, and the ticket completed, but it then enters a cycle of scope-creep that means the ticket can never be closed. They often start with something simple e.g. “can you improve the performance of this search”,… More Bad change : re-opened tickets and the neverending change

What engineers want

How to keep engineers interested, and understand the people the company is so keen to tell us are the core of the business : engineers love problems, keep the work interesting; engineers are creative. Give them space to do so; engineers need autonomy to do the above; we do the work we do because no-one… More What engineers want

Smart is subtle

In the spirit of bad interface design, there’s an overall principle worth bearing in mind. For all your smartphones and smart cards, and smart things, I sometimes feel very dumb trying to work them. They make me think too much. I used to have a Honda Civic, and when I chose that, I also looked… More Smart is subtle

Isolated IoT

Following my thoughts on the botnet of things, and not trusting users with security, I was reading this post from Troy Hunt a couple of months back talking about not letting untrusted devices onto his home network, for much the same reasons. And it got me thinking about how such devices could be isolated enough… More Isolated IoT