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If you truly want people to be creative and innovative, take them off the clock

That doesn’t mean no deadlines, but no timesheets – don’t justify every 15 minutes with a project, because the next ideas aren’t about 1 thing, they’re about connecting multiple things.

They’re about taking time to pause and thinking about the bigger picture: what problems are you seeing in multiple places? Where else would that new thing you’ve built be useful? What are multiple clients asking for?


2 replies on “If you truly want people to be creative and innovative, take them off the clock”

I (think) I understand where you are coming from. Indeed most “time tracking” provides little value, and may even cause harm.

Yet, like every coin, there are two sides. Knowing where and when I spend my time helps me in many ways. As Introspective and Retrospective it can be highly valuable


I certainly agree with the value of tracking time, and of timeboxing, but the idea that “you have 3 Hours to book over here to do this thing we have no idea how to do” is a recipe for disappointment and chaos

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