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Your API sucks : notice period

Based on a true story, although as one of the clients in question, I can’t guarantee the validity of the conversation. Any similarity to any developer alive or dead is purely coincidental.

“Dave, we need to make a change to our API.”

“Is it a zero-day security issue?”

“Nah, but it’s pretty important.”

“Will it break existing clients?”

“Yeah, probably, we used to recommend 128-bit keys, and we need to jump to 512-bit keys.”

“Do you think we should tell our users?”

“Yeah, probably. Want to let marketing know?”

“Shall we tell them it’s important?”

“Nah, they’ll figure it out.”

2 weeks pass

“Hey, support  have started getting a lot of calls about clients who cannot connect to our API, any idea why?”


“Did we make a change and not tell our users?”


“Do you think we should tell them?”

“Do we have to?”

Remember, even if you do give a positive notice period, your clients will need lead time to update their code.


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