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Cognitive load: Default to success 

​Process impedes progress. It’s the hurdles, and the red tape, that stop you from doing what you want to do. It’s why you can’t have administration rights on your machine, it’s why you can’t commit directly to master. It’s why developers don’t get logins to production. It limits your agility. 

Sometimes that’s a good thing. So long as it’s a straightforward, time efficient workaround. You don’t commit directly to master, but every green, code reviewed pull request does. You don’t get a login to production, but the deployment server does, and you can quickly get access to production data on your machine when required to recreate a bug. And your live servers are protected. 

Make it easy to do the right thing. Process is part of it, and so is tooling. Don’t make me think about the right way to do it, direct me, without getting in my way. Make the process implicit, but open for investigation and improvement. 

We believe in people over process, but when machines can automate the process, the people are free to think about the business problem.


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